Evolution Tour Potsdam, DE

Jul 9 th 2018 | Posted by: Barbara Weber

On Saturday Anastacia performed a fabulous show infront of 30.000 people at the Stadtwerkefest in Potsdam/Germany! The show started around 11:00 pm and she was allowed to perform till midnight but we know her too good, it took a bit longer and it was like they had to pull her off the stage! Here you find some material around the show!


Left Outside Alone
Caught In The Middle
• I Can Feel You
• Redlight
Sick And Tired
• Cowboys And Kisses
One Day In Your Life
Funky Medley
Nobody Loves You Better
Pieces Of A Dream
Stupid Little Things
• Paid My Dues
• APP Song – You Give Love A Bad Name & Sweet Child O’Mine
• I’m Outta Love
I’m Outta Love – Acapella


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