Evolution Tour Sogliano, IT

Jul 6 th 2018 | Posted by: Barbara Weber

Anastacia’s Evolution Tour stopped Sogliano/Italy on Wednesday and she proofed one more time that she is an absolut pro on stage! Unfortunately they had technical problems and the whole PA was silent for a while! But Anastacia started talking to the audience without a microphone and told she could sing all her songs like that! After that the audience sang her the song ‘RomagnaMia’! Don’t miss the material of the show below!


Left Outside Alone
• Caught In The Middle
• I Can Feel You
• Redlight
Sick And Tired
• One Day In Your Life
• Funky Medley
Nobody Loves You Better
• Cowboys And Kisses
• Why
• Pieces Of A Dream
• Stupid Little Things
• Paid My Dues
• APP Song – You Give Love A Bad Name
• I Do
My Everything
I’m Outta Love

Luckiest girl in the world. 💝💘💗🙏👏🤟 #SoglianoAlRubicone #Italy

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