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Survivor Dude T-Shirt




We are now presenting the counterpart of the Anastacia „Survivor Chick“ shirts – THE SURVIVOR DUDE!

Our “Survivor Dude” shirts are exclusively available in our shop! We would like to create awareness about the fact that not only women suffer from breast cancer. Also men can get the disease like the case of Peter Criss (former drummer of the band Kiss) has shown in 2007! Therefore it is time that the male match of the “Survivor Chick” shirts are a proud statement and a symbol for the commitment in educating and creating awareness in terms of breast cancer research!

Both sides printed, on the upper back the logo of  “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®” , which Anastacia’s fund belongs to and that we support with our earnings!

The male shirt is currently available in black only!

– B&C Collection
– 100% Cotton


This post is also available in: Deutsch Italiano


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