Promo dates

Aug 10 th 2017 | Posted by:

Anastacia’s promo for ‘Caught In The Middle’ and her upcoming album ‘Evolution’ is starting now! Here you find the dates we know so far:

• August 19th – Sweden, TV Show “Sommarkrysset” Gröna Lund Amusement Park, Stockholm/Sweden  – Info
• September 1st+2nd –  TV Show “Starnacht aus der Wachau”, Rossatzbach/Austria – Tickets/Info
• September 7th – Music Loves Fashion presentation and concert, E-werk in Cologne/Germany
• September 9th – TV broadcast “Starnacht aus der Wachau” Austria, 8:15 pm CET on ORF2 and MDR
• September 18th – special guest at Umberto Tozzi live at Arena di Verona/Italy – Tickets
• November 4th – Sports Press Ball in Frankfurt/Germany – Tickets